Monday, December 16, 2013

The real degenerate behind the selfie at the funeral that nobody's talking about and the real culprits of the Syrian conflict that very few are pointing a finger at

As usual, it's the "blame Obama" manta which many of us are getting tired of.  It's been repeated so many times, most people are now just bypassing anything and everything that criticizes Obama as just another lying right-wing ranting without much cause.  

Take for instance, the Syrian boondoggle. People in the pro-Israel camp ceaselessy blame Obama for "arming the terrorists in Syria."  If truth had any threshold with these loudmouths,  they would admit AT LEAST ONCE that Israel and Saudi Arabia are the main culprits who have manufactured and created the conflict in Syria and both have lobbied and are still lobbying the Obama administration to do the dirty on the "monstrous dictator of Syria"  Bashar Assad. Sadly, Truth has died a slow death with most of the supposedly "anti-Jihad" crowd. The root cause for the reign of jihadis in Syria happily rampaging all over that country, beheading innocent people, is beautifully camouflaged by laying the blame at Obama's feet instead of at Israel's door.

The Syrian conflict has created the biggest crisis in human welfare since World War II and yet there are very few people who are willing to lay the blame where it should be laid.  

Have we sold our souls for the sake of political correctness?  Why do I even need to ask that?  I can see the proof of that every single hour of every single day.

The PM of Denmark was the dumb blonde who wanted the selfie of her dumb self with Obama and Cameron. Obama's only fault, along with Cameron ... was to not tell the dumb blonde to wait until later for a more appropriate time and place.  

 From DailyMail:
....'We too are just people   who have fun': Danish prime minister defends controversial selfie with Cameron and Obama
Helle Thorning-Schmidt said that picture was in the spirit of the event
Described picture with Cameron and Obama as a 'really fun selfie'.........

Andrew Anthony at the GuardianUK:
....When Danish prime minister  Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a "selfie" on her smartphone last week, like millions of people do every day, she doubtless had little idea of the commotion that would ensue. ....

AND,  below is all you need to know about Israel and Saudi Arabia joined at the hip and humping away while being cheered on by those in the Israeli camp. A more loathsome sight I had never thought of ever laying my eyes on but it's a scene that is all OKAY and FINE with the pro-Israel crowd. 

From AlAlamNews: 
....Saudi and Israeli military officials are running a ‘military operation center’ in Jordan in which they mastermind plots to destroy Syria, Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Muqdad has said.
Muqdad who was speaking to Arabic language al-Mayadeen satellite channel on Saturday said, Saudi and Israeli militaries run the center in Jordan while agents from the United States and Jordan also cooperate with them for supporting militants in Syria.
“Syrian government has been saying it from the beginning that the Israeli regime is interfering in Syria crisis and it has proofs and evidences to show this,” he said.
He added, “Israel isn’t just an observer of the war in Syria but it is actually a supporter of all terrorist operations in the country”.
Asked about Saudi Arabia’s role in Syria Muqdad said, “Riyadh’s role is destruction of Syria and killing people”.
However he added, this was coming from the side of a government which is not a ruling system chosen by Saudi people..........

Nicola Nasser writing at GlobalResearch:
 ....More than two and a half years on, Israel ’s purported neutrality in the Syrian conflict and the United State ’s fanfare rhetoric urging a “regime change” in Damascus were abruptly cut short to unveil that the Israeli factor has been all throughout the conflict the main concern of both countries.
All their media and political focus on “democracy versus dictatorship” and on the intervention of the international community on the basis of a “responsibility to protect” to avert the exacerbating “humanitarian crisis” in Syria was merely a focus intended to divert the attention of the world public opinion away from their real goal, i.e. to safeguard the security of Israel.
Their “Plan A” was to enforce a change in the Syrian regime as their “big prize” and replace it by another less threatening and more willing to strike a “peace deal” with Israel and in case of failure, which is the case as developed now, their “Plan B” was to pursue a “lesser prize” by disarming Syria of its chemical weapons to deprive it of its strategic defensive deterrence against the Israeli overwhelming arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Their “Plan A” proved a failure, but their “Plan B” was a success.
However, the fact that the Syrian humanitarian crisis continues unabated with the raging non – stop fighting while the United States is gradually coming to terms with Syria’s major allies in Russia and Iran as a prelude to recognizing the “legitimacy” of the status quo in Syria is a fact that shutters whatever remains of U.S. credibility in the conflict..............

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