Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boycott A&E .... they don't believe in a human being's #1 fundamental right ....

the right to freedom of speech.
The Duck Dynasty group should get out of the contract they have with A&E and take their much watched show   to  A&E's rivals who will welcome them with open arms.

From Examiner:
Boycott A&E movement grows  after network suspends Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.   As we have reported recently, liberals these days seem to have no use for the concept of free speech. On Wednesday, A&E suspended Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson over comments he made to GQ magazine about homosexuality, angering a large number of people nationwide. As a result of A&E's actions, supporters of Duck Dynasty and free speech have decided to boycott the network until it lifts the suspension.

Twitchy said Wednesday a Boycott A&E Twitter account was established. As of this writing, that account has over 3,200 followers.

"Freedom of speech is not just for liberals," the account said in one of its few messages.

The account also posted a picture that reminds readers A&E forgot that Robertson said he would "never treat anyone with disrespect" simply because they are different from him.

The Christian Post's Crossmap also said a Facebook page titled, "Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty" was established right after A&E's announcement.

That page now has over 262,000 supporters...........


  1. I think the comments about blacks was mainly the cause of his suspension. I found those comments grin inducing. As for his homo comments, there is no reason there to suspend him.

    1. No ... I beg to differ. If you are referring to the Atlantic crappy article, calling him ignorant,etc. ... that's bullshit. The LGBT community along with the Left have become big time bullies. They can flaunt their all and push things into our faces but all hell breaks lose when someone says anything negative about them.
      And, I don't see anything wrong about the comments he made regarding Blacks and that community being definitely more sensible than the LGBT and the Left won't find anything amiss either.
      The Atlantic is just trying to lasso in the Black community to the side of the LGBT. Don't get taken in by them.

  2. I satnd corrected. I read another article and you are right, the gay remarks were the ones that did him in. Actually A&E said nobody complained to them about his remarks concerning blacks.


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