Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In the Kingdom of the Great Caliphate, an empty-headed hypenated South Asian bimbo is of the opinion that UK should change its attitude to the niqab

And, she's not the only bitch with that opinion.  Check the second link to read what the other bitch has to say.

From the TelegraphUK:
.... Well, I didn’t really think about it - until I decided to cover myself in a niqab last week during a national debate on the veil and take a flight from Brussels to London.
I am a British Indian so when I was dressed in the niqab, I looked like a typical Muslim woman. Sitting on the tube in London, people looked at me – and then immediately turned away. There were no shared smiles of consolation when I dropped my iPhone, or sympathetic glances when a teenager playing blaring music sat next to me. With my face covered, nobody knew if I was smiling or frowning. They all assumed I wanted to be left totally alone, without the usual public interactions you can expect on public transport. I didn’t.....

..........When I arrived in Brussels, the public reaction was even worse. The security man at border control took one look at me and rolled his eyes. “People like you, people with your religion, need to respect our laws. If you don’t want to show your face, don’t come to our country. Take your… [he gestured to my face] off now or get out of this airport,” he said, pointing to the exit with his finger. I hadn’t yet uttered a single word.
He refused to let me take off my veil privately or with a female officer. He forced me to remove it publicly. I stared at him defiantly as he identified me, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of showing how much his words had upset me, but I can only imagine how hard it would have been for a Muslim woman..........

......... I don’t think girls should be veiled at school either, but I would never say we should ban the niqab. We don’t have the right to. It is an individual choice and religious freedom of expression. Instead, we should be discussing how we can change our attitudes to the niqab and its owner. ...............

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