Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Have you heard of "breast ironing?"

What needs to happen to bring these people out of caves?  What kind of a barbaric custom is this?  What kind of mothers will torture their daughters to flatten out their breasts?  Sick, sick, sick !!!

From CatholicOnline
"Breast ironing," where a young girl's putative breasts    "are ironed with heated rocks or steel is a barbaric practice in the Cameroon. Mothers do it to their young daughters in an attempt to prevent them from having premarital sex. There has been a 50 percent decline in the practice since 2005 - but the practice continues on in secret...

And whether you want to believe it or not,  the "breast ironing" is reported to be happening with the African diaspora .... in Britain.  But that should surprise nobody,  because UK is now a Caliphate.

From IndependentUK:
A hidden form of abuse   known as “breast ironing”, in which girls as young as 10 have their chests pounded with hot objects to disguise the onset of puberty, could be taking place in Britain.
The mutilation is a traditional practice from Cameroon designed to deter unwanted male attention, pregnancy and rape by delaying the signs that a girl is becoming a woman. Experts believe that the custom is being practiced amongst the several thousand Cameroonians now living here.......

According to Wiki, besides Cameroon, this practice has been reported happening in several African nations. ....across West and Central Africa, in Benin, Chad, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea-Conakry, Kenya, Togo and Zimbabwe....

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