Thursday, December 12, 2013

Australia strikes down 5-day old gay marriage law

Good move!  
In some territories of Australia,  December 7, 2013 was heralded as the day gays started  marrying each other.  It didn't last long.  Those marriages are now annulled.  

Traditional marriage between a man and a woman and traditional family values triumphs! Gay marriages and adoption of children by gay couples are tools used  by the Left to destroy traditional family values. 

From CBC:
Australia's top court strikes down gay marriage law. Australian Capital Territory law permitting same-sex marriage took effect on Dec. 7.
Australia's highest court struck down a landmark law on Thursday that had begun allowing the country's first gay marriages, shattering the dreams of more than two dozen same-sex newlyweds whose marriages will now be annulled less than a week after their weddings.

The federal government had challenged the validity of the Australian Capital Territory's law that had allowed gay marriages in the nation's capital and its surrounding area starting last Saturday.

For Ivan Hinton, who married his partner Chris Teoh on Saturday, the result was heartbreaking. The couple just received their marriage certificate on Wednesday and immediately applied to change their surnames to Hinton-Teoh. Still, Hinton said he doesn't regret going through with the wedding, and will always consider Teoh his husband.

"This was an unprecedented and historic opportunity," he said. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

The federal government's lawyer had argued that having different marriage laws in various Australian states and territories would create confusion. The ACT, which passed the law in October, said it should stand because it governs couples outside the federal definition of marriage as being between members of the opposite sex.....

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