Monday, December 16, 2013

The Rob Ford saga continues

The extract  below is from an article published a  month ago but I happened to come across it today.  Worth a read.  Lots of commonsense throughout.  BTW,  the writer is Conrad Black's wife.

Barbara Amiel writing at Macleans
.....The remarks about the damage  he has done to the image of Toronto are tripe. The only damage done is to himself. Do you look down on Washington because mayor Barry smoked crack, went to jail and then was re-elected mayor? Do you look down on Rome because prime minister Silvio Berlusconi paid underage Ruby the Heart Stealer for sex and then survived votes of no-confidence? Well, obviously not, but you won’t get on CBC or quoted unless you say with a dead-serious
face that this is a day of shame, locusts, plague and darkness for all Torontonians. This sort of idiotic sound bite has been especially loved by robotic thinkers who have been weighing in en masse on how destructive this is to Toronto’s image abroad. “The world is laughing at us, not with us,” said one, assuming sackcloth and ashes for all. More to the point was Conan O’Brien: “The mayor was charged with being way too exciting for Toronto.”...........

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