Saturday, December 14, 2013

Over a third of foster parent molestations are homosexual?

When this question was first raised, you can well imagine the hue and cry that was raised by the LGBT community. These days, the bullying by the LGBT community who is armed with the Left's firm backing, translates into researchers being reluctant to not only take up such subjects but being not frank enough to giving a fair and accurate analysis of the many ills going on in the LGBT community.  Who are the real sufferers in our dangerous world of political correctness?  It's the children who are forced to live with gay parents or foster parents. I hope at least some of them will grow up into intellectual adults who will take legal action for what  befell them. 

From FamilyResearchInstitute:
....Common opinion holds that, as with those who enjoy drugs, those pursing homosexual activity recruit the young (Levitt & Klassen, 1974). Traditional child-placement policies were therefore based on assumptions that children fostered by those who engaged in homosexuality would be more apt to be sexually molested, socially isolated, and engage in homosexuality themselves (Bigner & Bozett, 1989; Golombok & Tasker, 1996).
A new view, initially advanced by homosexual enthusiasts around the turn of the 20 th century, holds that homosexual activity should be irrelevant to social policy ñ and since it is of the same personal and social worth as any other kind of sexual entertainment, it is terribly wrong to discriminate against it in any way. This view, requiring social sacrifice on behalf of homosexuals as a downtrodden class, was appealed to by nationally syndicated New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd. Regarding the 11 states in the U.S. 2004 Presidential election voted to ban gay marriage she complained: ì[the religious were] stirred up to object to social engineering on behalf of society’s most vulnerable: the poor, the sick, the sexually differentî (2004)......

.....Male homosexuals molested 198 (62%) of the 319 children victimized by men and female homosexuals 24 (70%) of the 32 children victimized by women (i.e., 2.6/ male homosexual and 1.7/ female homosexual perpetrator). The 73 nonhomosexual males molested 121 girls and the 6 nonhomosexual females molested 8 boys (i.e., 1.7/nonhomosexual male and 1.3/nonhomosexual female perpetrator). Of the 351 victims whose sex could be determined, men assaulted 319 (91%), homosexuals 222 (63%), and the unmarried 164 (47%).......

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