Sunday, December 15, 2013

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of the Great Caliphate women are rightly designated to their slavehood status

If one had a mind to  read the full article at the link  below, the delusional Sunday Times, a subsidiary of The Times Newspapers Ltd UK, wants one to subscribe to their Caliphate paper. The idiots within  have still not come to the realization that in the era of the internet what they profess to give as "news" is already stale news and moreover, more detailed information can always be found elsewhere with citizen bloggers and at online sites of news outlets that are not as stupid nor as business-ignorant as the Sunday Times.  

.....Women barred from speaking   at university seminar.  Female students were banned from speaking during a seminar run by an Islamic society at a leading university.

They were also forced to walk through a “sisters only” entrance to attend the event at Queen Mary University of London, and were segregated from men by being seated at the back of the lecture theatre.

Men were able to ask questions by raising their hands but female students had to write down their queries for Ustadh Abu Abdillah, the speaker of the event, which was hosted by the Queen Mary Islamic Society, and pass them to the front.

One Queen Mary student, a devout Muslim who attended last month’s seminar, titled Deception of the Dunya (world) and which centred on living morally, said she found ........

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