Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wanna know what happens to children brought up in gay households?

Have you noticed how the counter-culturalists in our society, namely the far-Left and the LGBT community members, will pounce on you the moment you say anything against gay marriage or how kids brought up in gay households have grown up to be dysfunctional adults and that those presently in such households, whether adopted or not, are likely to not be productive to society's well-being?

I get that happened to me a lot because I would rather die than lie for the sake of being politically correct. It's a sad fact that people who should be doing  in-depth research on the "family" situations involving kids in gay households, are failing in their duties because they are scared stiff of the criticism and poisoned arrows that will be flung their way if they as much as show the real disastrous facts of what's happening to the children within those households.  Social Services are quick to remove kids from heterosexual households on the slightest chance that there's  harm perceived to be happening or might happen to the kid(s) ... but I wonder how much political hampering  these same organizations are subjected to when it's a matter of a gay household.

Below is one of the few research outputs you will find on the subject of kids brought up in gay households. It's  from the Family Research Institute, which incidentally the LGBT and the Left and the lobbyists for breaking up traditional family units will tell you, in such loud screams they even wake up the dead,  is a fraudulent institution.  "Always kill the messenger before the messenger can read out his message in its entirety."  That's the motto of the Left.

.....Of all the studies of homosexual parents to date, Regnerus addressed the broadest array of variables and represents the largest random sample study of how adults turn out when they have (or had) a homosexual parent. 2,988 individuals aged 18-39 were culled from a probability-based pool of approximately 15,000 potential subjects in order to find an adequate number of adult children of homosexuals and a comparable number of adults with a similar demographic profile who were raised in other circumstances.
Regnerus’ findings support traditional beliefs that children do best in a married household, and that even sub-optimal heterosexual rearing — such as single parenthood or being raised with stepparents — is better than being raised by a homosexual......

......Weighted to match population parameters, Regnerus estimated that 1.7% of the nation’s children have one or more homosexual parents. By comparison, Cameron and Cameron’s random survey[3] of 5,182 adults in 1983-84 yielded unweighted estimates of 1.6% and 1.7%. Such close agreement between two nationwide studies based on random samples reinforces the credibility of both investigations. In Table 1, each of the 40 outcome measures that Regnerus studied and reported is ranked by kind of family unit. The family type that scored best on each variable is ranked #1, second-best #2 and so on, with the worst ranked #8. Family types that were tied on any outcome were assigned a common ‘midrank,’ a standard statistical rank average.
Most of Table 1 fits right in line with traditional beliefs. For instance, those with gay or lesbian parent(s) were the:
most apt to say they were not exclusively heterosexual,
most apt to be on welfare,
least apt to be employed,
most apt to have gotten a sexually transmitted infection,
most apt to have recently thought of suicide,
most apt to report rape,
most apt to test impulsive,
most apt to smoke,
most apt to report heavy TV viewing,
most apt to have been arrested,
most apt to have pled guilty to a crime,
most apt to score high on depression,
least apt to report being able to depend on others,
least apt to report having felt secure and safe in their family, and
most promiscuous.............

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