Saturday, December 14, 2013

Libya and Alberta school curriculum

Remember, Canada was involved in the doing away of the old regime and heralding in the Muslim Brotherhood-connected new regime.  Why would the new Libya not show how much they love Canada by opening "Alberta curriculum" schools  ... whether they have proper credentials or not?   

Canadians working in Libya now, eh?  Wonder how the Canadian govt will react when these idiots are kidnapped or killed.

Andrea Sands writing at CalgaryHerald:
..... A new school in Libya that charges thousands of dollars in tuition fees is improperly claiming to teach the Alberta curriculum, says an Alberta-trained teacher who works at the school.

Alberta Education confirmed Friday the Canadian International School Libya is not accredited by the province and the Alberta government is now looking at possible legal action.

Teacher Carol Hagen, who got her education degree in 2000 from the University of Alberta and is originally from Medicine Hat, went to work at the school this fall with her husband, also a teacher. The couple had been travelling and teaching around the Middle East for several years and was in Qatar at the time.

Hagen said she thought a teaching job at the Canadian International School Libya would be a good fit after reading a news story that said the new school was teaching a Canadian curriculum. Canadian ambassador Michael Grant was photographed at the opening ceremony and praised the school in an interview with the Libya Herald.

“We thought, ‘Wow, this is great. The Canadian ambassador’s endorsing it. The school is trying to help Libyans get on track with education,’” Hagen said in an interview from Libya Friday. “This was the key reason why we signed our contracts.”

However, since arriving at the school Hagen said she and her husband have not been paid, something the owner of the school disputes.

The school is not properly staffed or equipped and it’s not following Alberta’s curriculum, Hagen said. Each student pays thousands of dollars in tuition fees to attend the school, she added.

“I’m an Alberta teacher and I’m absolutely outraged at what’s going on here,” she said. “There is not one English textbook or workbook in the school.”........

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