Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What really happened at the Kenya Mall?

Are the Kenyan Police authorities and the Kenyan government that inefficient and that corrupt?  Yup .... most probably.  Remember how the mall was looted by the Kenyan police and military personnel on the pretext of looking for terrorists?  That was very telling and paints a horrible picture of  Kenyans and Kenya in general.

The report released today by the NY Police Dept tells a completely different story than that told to us by those in Kenya.

IMO, this report is being released today because of the fear that something similar might happen on our shores, especially given the Christmas shopping madness.  People forget so very quickly but this will hopefully help to jog their memories and at least some of them might remain alert to their surroundings whenever they are in crowded places.

Christopher Dickey writing at TheDailyBeast:
The shocking revelations of the New York City Police Department’s  
 report on “lessons learned” from the September terrorist attack in Kenya.
You say the word “Nairobi” and the place sounds just about as far away as it is. But if you look at pictures and plans of its Westgate Shopping Mall, where terrorists slaughtered 67 people last September and wounded 200, you feel like you’ve been there before in many cities in America, and many times. There’s the multiple levels built around an open atrium, the glistening escalators, the caf├ęs, the boutiques selling jewelry, shoes and clothes. There’s the department store, the gadget shops.
A mall is a mall is a mall, and as we head to the ones in the United States en masse this Christmas season, the lessons learned from the slaughter in Nairobi are haunting the police and private security companies all over America.
It was just so damned easy for the killers in Kenya to do their job. There were only four of them and it appears very likely they escaped alive.

That’s the conclusion of a confidential report being presented today to private security personnel in the New York area by the NYPD. The author of the presentation, a veteran on the force who spoke to me on condition that I not use his name, warns that the example of Nairobi “is simple, its effective and easy to copy.” And that’s especially true in the United States where almost anybody can buy a “long gun”—a  rifle or an assault-style rifle—with few or no background checks.

Take away the exotic foreign names for the terrorists’ organization, Al Shabab; strip away the politics of radical Islam. As the veteran cop puts it, from a law enforcement point of view, the main considerations are practical: “You don’t need to know the political philosophy of someone shooting at you with an AK-47. You want to know how many bullets he’s got in there. You want to know what he is carrying, and what kind of tactics he’s using.”............

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