Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What is RU-486?

It's a baby killer. The name sounds like the kind they give to the AK-guns doesn't it?  It's just as lethal and it's used on a helpless being.  We don't kill the enemy when he's down on the battlefield,  but we sure can kill healthy babies in their wombs and think nothing of it.

Dr. Matt Harrison writing at LifeSiteNews:
....She came to my office, shattered.   It was about 36 hours since she had taken the abortion pill, and she wanted to do whatever it would take to reverse it and save her baby. I consoled her and then excused myself to my office. I prayed, "God, what can I do?" This is not something taught in medical school or residency. In fact, we were taught that just about any problem in the first trimester is essentially untreatable to save the baby, to let nature take its course. But this wasn't nature, and I had this gnawing feeling that something could be done.  

I started leafing through some textbooks and started thinking about how RU-486 worked. It is a progesterone counterfeit. It tricks the body into thinking that it is progesterone, fills the progesterone receptor with a key that will not turn the lock. It is a very effective blocker, and there was no known antidote. The placenta blood vessels act as if the mother is having a menstrual cycle and the placenta is starved and sloughs off, along with the baby, causing an abortion..........

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