Sunday, December 15, 2013

University of Guelph student needs to be tied up somewhere and given a good spanking ....

before being put in a strait-jacket and hung up on a hook in a loony bin. 

Trying to kill himself .... so fine, go ahead and do it.  Why try to take others with you?  And, why advertise to the morbid folks watching the "suicide" how you are gonna do it?
Wonder if he was brought up by a gay parent or parents?  And, how about the folks watching someone take his own life?  What kind of degenerates are these animals?

From CTVNews:
.....An Ontario university student who streamed video of his apparent suicide attempt on the Internet is now facing two charges in connection with the incident.
The 21-year-old student from the University of Guelph suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries following a fire in one of the school’s residences on Nov. 30.
Police were called to the campus after the fire at Dundas Hall forced an evacuation. A male student was taken to hospital.
It is believed that the injured student started the fire, and was live-streaming his apparent suicide attempt on a video-sharing website. It was watched by an audience of 200, the maximum number of users allowed in the online chatroom hosting the video stream.
In the video, a male student is seen moving around a dorm room. He then takes a number of pills and drinks vodka before climbing into bed. After approximately eight minutes, flames are seen spreading in the corner of the room. The video continues for about 20 minutes until rescue workers arrive at the scene. 
Police said in a statement Thursday that the student, from Orangeville, Ont., has been charged with arson and disregard for human life.
He will appear in court on Jan. 24, 2014.
The cost of damage from the fire is estimated to be in the thousands.
Roughly 30 students were displaced as a result of the fire, though all but seven have since returned to the residence.

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