Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kurds getting the short stick in war-torn Middle East

About a week ago, I was making polite conversation with a Canadian-Kurdish woman working at a store I frequent and when she told me that she's off on a vacation soon  I said to her I hope you are not thinking of going to Kurdistan as there is war all around there.  She said, No, she was going to Florida and  that as yet she does not even have a proper country that she can say she originates from, as in the  first place Turkey does not want Kurds to have one and of late "Turkey's Al Qaeda" are killing off Kurds.  I didn't think much of the "Turkey's Al Qaeda"  but it's possible that Kurds in Canada know exactly who and what is behind the killing of Kurds in that region.

Today,  I just learnt that more than 100 Kurds have been kidnapped, whereabouts unknown,  by Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in and around Syria and bordering regions.

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