Saturday, December 14, 2013

Apartheid and segregation between rich and poor in America's Newark airport .....

just like it is with the have-all and have-nots in the rest of the USA.
And, yet the loudmouth hypocrites in the USA  portray themselves as the heroes fighting for "democracy" on the other side of the world and wanting to rid other countries of "dictators" who enrich themselves while their people live below poverty levels .  Yup .... America is all about equality for all!   America's streets are full of the homeless ... yet she sends billions of dollars overseas for nation-bribing.   

David Porter writing at FoxNews:
Ever wonder where celebrities and sports teams go when they fly into Newark Liberty Airport and want to avoid prying eyes? One of the places is an unassuming building off an access road at the northern edge of the airport, yards from truck traffic lumbering down an interstate.

Now, well-heeled travelers arriving for February's Super Bowl will find even cushier surroundings.

Signature Flight Support cut the ribbon Friday on a revamped, $11 million private terminal that offers amenities including a lounge with large flat-screen TVs, an executive conference room, free Wi-Fi and courtesy shuttle service.

Plans for the new building were already in place when MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford was selected to host the Super Bowl in 2010, according to general manager Eric Richardson. The awarding of the game and the possibility of a significant bump in customers provided more momentum to the project.

"Given it's the Super Bowl, it will probably be the busiest week I've had here," Richardson said.

Signature has, in one form or another, been at Newark since the early 1960s when it was known as Newark Air Service. It also has operations at nearby Teterboro and Morristown airports, both of which figure to get a boost in business during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, as high-rollers flock to the New York metropolitan area.....

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