Thursday, December 12, 2013

WinCo Foods, employer of Grinch the Clerk who hates Christmas

Two little girls who were singing Christmas carols outside the store entrance of a grocery chain in Vancouver, WA., were told to go away by a store employee, citing that it was the store policy not to allow caroling on its property.

From CBSLocal:
...Grocery Store Kicks Girls Off Property For Singing Christmas Carols.  Two young girls who were trying to spread holiday cheer were kicked off of a grocery store’s property for singing Christmas carols.
Ayla Bascom and Kaitlyn Manseau chose the WinCo near their home to give shoppers “a warm fuzzy feeling,” KATU reported.
The girls made a sign stating they didn’t want any money and no one went into the store to file a complaint either. Instead, people stopped outside to listen to them sing popular Christmas carols.
The girls hadn’t even been singing for an hour when they were told they had to leave the property by a WinCo employee......

Soon after the above news brought in a deluge of complaints, the "employee owned" company  issued the following explanation  excuse.  

Regarding Christmas Carolers  at WinCo Foods:
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to respond on behalf of WinCo Foods and its 14,000+ employee owners. As our Spokesperson told the KATU reporter yesterday, the decision to tell these little girls they couldn’t carol on the property was not made by anyone in management – rather it was a clerk that mistakenly thought the activity would violate a company policy.
We have no such policy and this decision was made in error. We apologize to these young ladies and to the mother who accompanied them at the store. They should have been allowed to sing. Indeed, our Spokesperson told the reporter yesterday, before the story aired, that they had been given permission to sing and that they were welcome to do so. We here at WinCo Foods wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
- WinCo Foods, An Employee Owned Company

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