Saturday, January 28, 2012

What the jury in the Shafia case didn't hear

Among other things, the account from an eyewitness was withheld. I hope the decision to  keep the 8 year old's testimony  from the jurors  will not come back to haunt the Crown.

Jurors now deciding the fate of three members of a Montreal family accused of killing four other family members are unaware that there was an eyewitness to some events at the isolated spot where the victims were found dead.....

The eyewitness
An 8-year-old boy testified, at a hearing held in February 2010, that he saw two vehicles at the canal at 1: 40 a.m. on June 30. The boy, who lives in a house on a spit of land 200 metres from the canal, was awake, getting a drink of water when he heard what he described as a "splash, kind of a crash." The boy went to the home's rear deck, which affords a clear view of the canal. He saw two vehicles, one larger vehicle with its headlights on, illuminating another, smaller vehicle, with its headlights off.

The smaller vehicle was on the grass "near the water," the boy testified, at the preliminary hearing, a proceeding that was conducted to determine if there was enough evidence to put the accused on trial. The larger vehicle appeared to be on the road.

The boy said he also heard another sound, like a car horn, "like just 'beep' and then gone." He heard it a few minutes after the "splashcrash." He did not see or hear any people. The boy said he watched for a few minutes, then went back inside his house and went back to bed at 2 a.m. Police interviewed him later that morning.....

update: Jan 29. Jury finds all three guilty of murder in the first degree. No parole for at least 25 years.

In this case,  justice has been served.  No number of appeals will ever let this murderous family out of prison.

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