Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Syria and it's few Shia allies on one hand, and the many Sunni enemies on the other

Who will prevail ? Of course, the ones who are the better taqqiyah masters.... AKA ... the Sunnis. Right now, they are making fools of the mighty USA by layering them with coat after coat of chocolatey taqqiyah because they need their might to go after Iran ... Iran who has the power to take away their power.

Syria rejected an Arab League proposal calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and advanced elections to form a “national unity government.” The Arab League plan results from the deep divisions within the Arab League about how to deal with Syria. Firm action is prevented by the split between the two main camps within the League. The Iraq, Algeria, and Lebanon camp does not want to see foreign intervention. The Gulf camp led by Qatar is eager for intervention and a tougher international line on Syria.

But even within the Gulf, important dissagreements have opened up. The Emir of Qatar has spoken out in favor of Arab military intervention. Saudi Arabia is not so keen on this idea. It has to deal with the glass house factor. the Saudis are queasy about a precedent for miiltiary intervention by the Arab League being set to promote democracy. What about Bahrain or even the Shia of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia who have been demonstrating for change and the overthrow of the Saudi household?......

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