Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look who's talking !! Saudi Arabia's mouthpiece

ArabNews belongs to Saudi Arabian interests as do millions of online sites, TV stations newspapers and media outlets. Saudi Arabia is the world's biggest employer of public relations firms, in each and every country. What a world menace this country has become!!   They make everything they do and say look benign, innocent and well-meaning, whereas, their agenda is always and will always be the same:  Manipulate the world, first by money to entice the greedy and then rule it with the strong hand of the caliphate.

They have "mastered the art" alright !!   The art of taqiyyah, deceit and evilness.

...Saudi Arabia had always mastered the art of negotiations. Once given, Saudi words and promises are kept. And it is Saudi Arabia who has the ability to influence the big powers to solve the Palestinian issue. After the Arab Spring, it is obvious that Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Sudan and Syria are sidelined, and the Palestinians have Riyadh to really rely on for support. And the negotiation table will be enough for three people, a Saudi, an Israeli and a Palestinian. Now, how do we get the three to sit down and solve the most complicated and most agonizing issue in modern history? Now, people are losing interest in the Palestinian issue. And the Palestinian refugees, sooner or later, will no longer be under the umbrella of the United Nations. But, Saudis, Israelis and Palestinian negotiators must keep the extremists away from the negotiation table. Solving the refugee issue is the biggest step to solving the Palestinian issue.....

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