Friday, January 27, 2012

Phyllis Chesler takes on the NY Times

The death rattles from the dying New York Times are still full of venom against infidel culture. This despicable machine needs a mighty choking that will break it's windpipe once and for all.  What a traitorous entity the Grey Lady has turned out to be !  Ugh.

On a single day, the New York Times has been known to publish anywhere from two to six anti-Israel articles, editorials, op-ed pieces, and letters. Today, I see a new danger arising in their pages.

After spending a year proclaiming the triumph of democracy and the miracle of the Arab Spring and, as PM Netanyahu has just noted, refusing to document the existential danger in which Israel finds herself, the Newspaper of Record has now begun the process of normalizing Islam in North America and Europe. Its pro-Muslim "multicultural" agenda is, paradoxically, another form of racism, but I quibble.

Yesterday, there were at least three articles (3,200 words, four photos, one illustration), devoted to Islam in America and Europe. A 934-word op-ed article titled "How to Integrate Europe's Muslims" by a Boston College professor is a veritable manifesto of appeasement and racism disguised as a rational call for integration and fairness. Jonathan Laurence suggests that Muslims will be "integrated" into Europe if they are allowed to study Islam at state-sponsored schools, continue their Muslim religious practices, veil women, speak Arabic, Persian, Dari, etc. In his view, this will fend off "fundamentalism" and magically lead to reciprocity in terms of tolerance towards infidels and apostates and to the abolition of Islamic gender and religious apartheid.

According to Canadian professor and author, Dr. Salim Mansur, multiculturalism and the appeasement of tribalism defeats the possibility of citizenship and amounts to a form of "soft bigotry." As Pascal Bruckner has phrased it: "Multiculturalism is the racism of the anti-racists; it chains people to their roots." Immigrants are kept confined to their "group" and not encouraged or expected to become "individuals" and "citizens" of a modern democracy.......

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