Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuff of interest

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and IDF have arrested 10 high-ranking Islamic Jihad terrorists in the West Bank who were planning a series of attacks against Israel, including the abduction of an IDF soldier. The Shin Bet, which released details of the investigation on Thursday, said the Jenin-based cell was in direct contact with Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus, from which it received large sums of money to fund terrorist activity, as well as instruction regarding the type of attacks it should plan and perpetrate.....

Pallies and Pallie Idol. What else is new?

The calibre and intelligence of our overlords in the House of Commons Do you speak Indian?

New Trend in Toronto:  Never heard of something like this before now.  Leslie and Glencairin stations held up.

Alert on York University campus ...."brown" pervent with a cellphone camera recording farts, sounds of golden flows, and pics of women sitting on toilet bowls in washrooms of the university.  York University is teeming over with anti-semites and muslim students, so it's not really surprising nor difficult to find perverts in such gatherings.

Explosive exposure on China's northern region of Xinjiang.

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