Monday, January 30, 2012

Dalton McGuinty's Ontario responsible for making Canada into a leading exporter of illegal drugs

Appeasing the wrong kind of human debris gives you the wrong kind of status.... but shameless politicians like Dalton McGuinty don't give two hoots about their reputation anyway.  Sucking up to human debris has become an acquired taste with this Premier ... something he has become addicted to  as much as the druggies who look forward to the drugs from his Province. 

Canada has joined Colombia as a leading exporter of synthetic or designer drugs, flooding the global market on an almost unprecedented scale, police say.

The RCMP have seized tonnes of illicit synthetic drugs that include Ecstasy and methamphetamine being shipped abroad after being “cooked” in make-shift labs in apartments, homes and businesses in the GTA.

Police are now seizing more chemicals and synthetic drugs, which they say is favoured by young people, at Canadian border checks rather than the traditional cocaine, heroin or hashish that officers call drugs of “a last generation.” .........

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