Monday, January 30, 2012

The most stupid question ever asked in the history of stupid questions ...

and of course it had to come from that traitorous network living off our tax dollars.

The CBC has outdone themselves in stupidity.

Who would have thought they would be capable of outdoing their own stupidity, eh?!

There's no entity that can get my goat like this entity and to know that this entity runs on my tax dollars, however little or insignificant they be, really, reallly, reallllly upsets me.

Even as a new immigrant some 15 odd years ago and not knowing anything about the political climate in Canada, I could still see that the CBC was Canada's enemy.  An enemy to Canada's great culture, an enemy to everything good about Canada. This is an entity that has been wearing a multicult burkha and defying the inherently good family values of patriotic Canadians and giving them the finger just like those amongst us who suck dry the many benefits given by the govt. and then turn around to criticize the giver.

How I wish the Harper govt. would come to their senses and either demand that this traitorous entity change their demeanor or do away with the funding they get from us the taxpayers, the taxpayers that the CBC defiles and insults at every opportunity.

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