Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you thought NATO had turned Libya into a minor Utopia ..... think again

They have created nothing but hell in Libya .... a thousand times worse than it was under Ghadafi. Same like they have done in Iraq. NATO and the UN .... definitely not what they were set up to be.... No Sirreeee !!!

I have no idea if the report below is just propaganda by the Gadhafi loyalists. However, if true, then it looks like the USA will have a huge contingent of their troops in Libya and might continue to keep them there for years to come.

Occupied Libya isn't pretty. Libya SOS said its government "recognize(d) the presence of the forces belonging to 14 different nationalities in the country under the umbrella of the training, assistance and advice."

In mid-January, 12,000 US troops sent to Malta readied to occupy Libya. Around 6,000 or more now guard oil facilities. Perhaps contingents from other nations guard other strategic locations. People needs aren't addressed. Exploiting, not helping, them is planned.

On January 5, London's Independent headlined, "Libya's leader warns of civil war after Tripoli gun battles," saying:

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Washington's man in Libya, commented after rival militia gun battles left "a trail of dead and injured." .....

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