Thursday, January 12, 2012

50+ fires started in 5 nights by a jihadi muzzie

Very interesting article on how the arsonist who set more than 50 areas ablaze in five nights was caught before loss of   lives.... and make no mistake, it would have happened.

For a few days over the long New Year’s weekend, it looked as though someone was determined to burn down the entire city of Los Angeles, building by building and car by car. And for just as many days, it looked as though he might eventually pull it off, so flummoxed were firefighters and police at the number and apparent randomness of the attacks.

Beginning in the early morning hours of December 29 and continuing until the early morning of January 2, more than 50 fires were set in the Los Angeles area, most of them in and around Hollywood but with some occurring over the hill and far out into the San Fernando Valley. Most of the fires began with cars torched in carports and garages, but many of the blazes spread to homes and apartment buildings. No one was seriously injured but scores were made homeless and many others lost their cars. With most of the fires set in the dead of night, the attacks were all the more disquieting.....

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