Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saudi Arabia's PR machine working overtime on damage control

 No, no, no .... our Saudi hackers were not involved in the cyber attack on Israel.  No, no, no ... we don't do such bad nasty things.   No, no, no ... we never interfere with foreign nations.  No, no, no ... you misunderstand our good intentions.  Everything bad that is done to Israel and the USA is the work of our common enemy, the hateful Iran ... we are sweet and innocent of any wrongdoing.  Ask our dear friend in Canada who is a "specialist" in such things ... he will tell you that the hacker was an Israeli not a Saudi and an Israeli hired by Hezbollah.   No, no, no ... you got us wrong.  We are not trying to spread our Wahhabism madcap all over the world.  We are good people ... we are, we are !!  We are the sweet Saudis.... just touch us, see how cuddly and soft we are.  Obama knows we are made of  money honey and everything vice  nice  ... why don't you.

....Yet, at this juncture, we would like to know who has the interest in conveying a message (the ability to wage a cyber war) to both Israel and the United States. We also wonder if there is a link between this and the fact the Iran provided Damascus with 40 experts in information security and whether they played a role in this recent cyber attack. The selection of the name OxOmar cannot be more striking. Perhaps the hackers tried to make a link between Ox and the AWACS plane that Saudi Arabia owns. Also the name Omar is one that is hated by Iranians! Can we consider the cracker the Syrian equivalent of Shabiha (gangs and thugs who attack Syrian civilians)? Finally, we wonder if states should establish new specialized units of electronic army to defend their interests.....

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