Monday, January 30, 2012

Prime Witch Hillary Clinton decrees for Syria the same verdict she decreed for Egypt ...

that has delivered that country into the hands of the Muslim Brothers and the Salafists. Great going USA !!!

I am beginning to see why so many countries think that the USA has no business interfering in their affairs. Syria, will be yet another country delivered on a golden platter to the Muslim Bros and the Salafists. Is there any doubt that the Caliphate is gaining strength day to day and it's all with the USA's blessing?   This will be the third country that the USA has thrown to the Caliphate  .....   that we know of for sure.... and that too within the last year or so.   Where else is the Obama administration's well oiled engine roaring to fight on behalf of the Caliphate ? 

.... I will attend a United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria where the international community should send a clear message of support to the Syrian people: we stand with you. The Arab League is backing a resolution that calls on the international community to support its ongoing efforts, because the status quo is unsustainable. The longer the Assad regime continues its attacks on the Syrian people and stands in the way of a peaceful transition, the greater the concern that instability will escalate and spill over throughout the region.....

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