Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dumbo extraordinaire from the UN is SHOCKED at executions going on in Iraq

This particular dumbo is supposed to be the UN's Human Rights chief.  This is the same dumb bitch who had criticized Canada about our lack of human rights viz aboriginal people.  How do these idiots get these portfolios at the Useless Nitwits organization?  Does the UN hold competitions worldwide so each nation can select "The most stupid person"  from their citizenry and award them  jobs within the most stupid organization in the world? That must be it ... nothing else makes any sense.

The executions and bombings have been going on since long before November but the UN finds it's voice only now after probably Saudi Arabia has given it their approval to come out and say so.   UN's every move has to be sanctioned by the Sunni nations .... you better believe it, nothing else is closer to that statement of mine.
The top United Nations human rights official criticized Iraq on Tuesday for carrying out a large number of executions, including 34 on a single day last week, and voiced concern about due process and the fairness of trials.

“Even if the most scrupulous fair trial standards were observed, this would be a terrifying number of executions to take place in a single day,” U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said, in a statement referring to executions carried out on Jan. 19.

“Given the lack of transparency in court proceedings, major concerns about due process and fairness of trials, and the very wide range of offences for which the death penalty can be imposed in Iraq, it is a truly shocking figure,” she added.

At least 63 people are believed to have been executed since mid-November in Iraq, where the death penalty can be imposed for some 48 crimes including a number related to non-fatal crimes such as damage to public property, Pillay said.....

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