Sunday, January 15, 2012

The full-scale taqiyyah and downright rottenness of CAIR

Why is this organization not closed down as yet?   They are surely bribing or blackmailing the US politicians to keep them around ... there simply cannot be any other logical explanation for letting this blasted entity keep on taqiyyah-ing  and showing their true colors at every opportunity.  They are on the side of the enemy and they make no bones about it.   Something is fishy somewhere and the stench is coming from several members of the political parties ... both Republican and Democrat. 

Hamas-linked CAIR had absolutely nothing to say this past week when the Taliban shot Americans in the back at a volleyball game and tore dozens of innocent Muslims to shreds at a market (see picture), but it exploded in "disgust" over disrespect shown to dead terrorists.

via: The Religion of Peace

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