Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some interesting stuff to look at

How money laundering works: This is just one of the ways how drug money is laundered. I am sure many of you know of stores that seem to be doing well although you don't see them selling anything. Wonder no more.

....More than $1.6 million was deposited into Angel Toy’s bank accounts over a two-year period and each deposit was for less than $10,000 to avoid raising suspicion, court documents show.

The money was then used by a Colombian importer to purchase teddy bears and other stuffed animals. These toys were sent on to Colombia, where the importer sold them and gave the proceeds, in pesos, to the drug traffickers, authorities said. Meichun Cheng Huang and Ling Yu pleaded guilty last year to one count of conspiracy to structure currency transactions and face up to 15 months in prison as part of an agreement with prosecutors.....

Mysterious packages at embassies in Australia: Bomb squad officers were called to the French and Israeli embassies in Canberra on Monday following the discovery of suspicious packages, police said.

Police said a bomb response team had been dispatched to the French diplomatic post in Yarralumla to deal with a "suspicious package"..............

Death and mayhem on a Florida highway: A long line of cars and trucks collided one after another early Sunday on a dark Florida highway so shrouded in haze and smoke that drivers were virtually blinded. At least 10 people were killed. Visibility was so poor that when rescuers first arrived, they could only listen for screams and moans to locate victims, police said. At least 18 people were hurt. Authorities were still trying to determine what caused the pileup south of Gainesville on Interstate 75, which had been closed for a time because of the mixture of fog and heavy smoke from a brush fire that may have been intentionally set. At least five cars and six tractor-trailers were involved, and some burst into flame.......

Here's some comic relief, especially when you have had a tiring day:

A rabid pack of islamists' supporters led the charge that got a Harvard professor fired from his post.

Beware of online dating. Guy befriended women for their identity info.

The great Leonard Cohen, a Canadian treasure:

Diana West on Pakistan's Jihad against the USA: Remember when "Operation Infinite Justice" "? -- the post-9/11 US military build-up -- was quickly changed to "Operation Enduring Freedom" because Islam believes only Allah dispenses "infinite justice

Well, now that as many 50 Pakistani imams in the Sunni Ittehad Council -- Facebook page here -- have declared jihad on the US, they have also declared that it is haram (forbidden) to call the U.S. a superpower because only Allah deserves the title.

Of course, Pakistan has been fighting a jihad against the American Superdumbpower (is that ok???) for a long time -- even as it has been collecting billions in backsheesh -- US taxpayer dollars. This week, we learned about one skirmish in that jihad -- the deliberate and concerted Pakistani ambush of US military personnel in 2007 during which a US major was killed and three others were wounded. The most shocking aspect of the attack, as reported for the first time in yesterday's NYT, is that it was not unique. It "fit a pattern."..............

As a fan of world History, I have a never ending fascination with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Video at link. ....It’s taken 24 centuries, the work of archaeologists, scholars and historians, and the advent of the Internet to make the Dead Sea Scrolls accessible to anyone in the world. Today, as the new year approaches on the Hebrew calendar, we’re celebrating the launch of the Dead Sea Scrolls online; a project of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem powered by Google technology.

Children infused with hatred. Behold the future generation of jihadists.

Guidelines for journalists to whitewash moslem misdeeds. Bile alert. Keep a bucket handy. This proves that there's nothing professional about the journalists who are members at this hypocritical society.

On Oct. 6, 2001 at its National Convention in Seattle, the Society of Professional Journalists passed a resolution urging members and fellow journalists to take steps against racial profiling in their coverage of the war on terrorism and to reaffirm their commitment to:

— Use language that is informative and not inflammatory;
— Portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the richness of their diverse experiences;
— Seek truth through a variety of voices and perspectives that help audiences understand the complexities of the events in Pennsylvania, New York City and Washington, D.C..................

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