Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hungary's survival instincts come to the fore

Who would have thought that one of the most insignificant members of the EU would have the courage to give the rest of the EU the middle finger and determine what's best for them, themselves. The country is adopting two controversial rules .... in their monetary system and in religions.

Right now it's somewhat of a shock to our sensibilities that a Christian country would want to adopt controversial religious laws that would give legal status to only a handful of  religions and exclude recognization of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and several other beliefs.  

Actually, I got over the shock in about 20 seconds or less.   Kudos to you Hungary ... well done !  Although, it's a case of throwing  "the baby out with the bath water"  where Buddhism and Hinduism is concerned,  I for one admire  Hungary's stance.

...Lawmakers passed other measures that threaten to leave the country isolated, including a law on religion that lowers the number of recognized religions in Hungary to 14 from more than 300.

These include the Catholic, Reformed, Evangelical, and Orthodox Churches as well as Judaism.

Faiths not included in the bill -- including all Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu congregations -- will have the opportunity to apply for recognition in parliament if they have been operating for at least 20 years in the country.

But they will need to obtain approval from at least two-thirds of MPs for the recognition in order to receive state subsidies......

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