Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Canadian Immigration officials in the Middle East lackadascial in their duties

Maybe it's because of the  hot and humid weather there and everybody loves their  siestas including Jason Kenney's trusted employees.   However, their inefficiency might  cost Canada millions if not billions in case of one or more of those countries going  into wars  and the Canadians of convenience clamoring to escape from those hellholes.

....The report notes the motive is money because highly skilled workers, such as engineers and nurses from Canada and other western countries, get double the salary of other foreign nationals doing the same work.

“An Indian national working in Kuwait will receive a significant salary increase if he acquires a British passport,” noted the report.

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland sees another problem.

“If there’s instability in that Middle East country Canada historically will pay to bring to safety Canadian residents – permanent residents,” said Kurland. “So, it’s a cheap insurance policy paid for by the people of Canada for non-residents.”

Kurland says the consequences aren’t tough enough for fraudsters. “The only sanction practically is non-renewal of their plastic (residency) card,” he said.

(…) Immigration Minister Jason Kenney refused comment.

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