Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things heating up to a boiling point in Syria

Gilles Jacquier, a journalist from France TV2 was killed in Homs alongwith eight Syrians. Any day now, we can expect the enlightened individuals at the UN ruling over us puny humans, to tell us, after the fact, that they are in Syria because they want to save Syrians from the evil Assad and his evil regime.

...On his way back to Damascus from Homs, Ian Black has given this account of the attack which, he has been told, left one journalist and eight Syrians dead, and another journalist injured.
As we were leaving a march was beginning, a march in solidarity with the Syrian regime- the sort of thing that happens quite a lot particularly when foreign journalists and especially television cameras are there. There was a second group of journalists travelling separately from our group and who we've been told were filming the march as it was setting off when we think a vehicle in which they were travelling was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. 
We don't have any further details. But what this does appear to be is the first time that a foreign journalist has been killed in the violence accompanying the uprising in Syria. They've told us what happened- it certainly appears to fit in with their view of how things are on the ground: the Syrian state on the one side and armed terrorists on the other.
But as I say this is the first time I think that a foreign journalist has been killed and, in the way of the world, that's likely to have quite a wide resonance. Of course Syrians are being killed every day; eight others we're told have been killed in this incident. It's part of the ongoing violence in what seems to me, after a few days now in Syria, to be a conflict that is getting worse all the time, not showing any signs of stabilising - quite the opposite. So this will be another detail in that grim, still unfolding story.....

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