Monday, June 9, 2014

A heartbreaking look at Detroit ... street views of the the way it was and now

Let this be a lesson to all other cities chock full of Labor Unions, because without a sliver of a doubt, the Unions along with those that were bribed by them in the Detroit government, are responsible for what happened to Detroit... it wasn't just the banksters.
Lots of before and after street views at link.

Tyler Durden writing at ZeroHedge:
.....The Death And Decay Of Detroit, As Seen From The Streets
With the stock market hitting record highs day after day, it is easy to move on and forget that one of American's once premier cities, Detroit, has been bankrupt for nearly a year. But out of mind doesn't mean out of sight, especially now that Google has launched its street view Time Machine, which provides for 7 years worth of street images, showing the time shift of the tumultuous period period starting in 2007. One blogger who decided to take this time lapse data and apply it to the city of Detroit is GooBing Detroit who, as the following time-lapse photos demonstrate, has captured Detoit's unprecedented slow-motion collapse into death and decay in what is the closest we have to "real time."

The pic above is dated 2009, the one below is from 2013

Perhaps what is most stunning about the following series of photos is not the ultimate fate of the bankrupt city, but how quickly a once vibrant metropolis has succumbed to blight and sheer desperation.

Hopefully not coming to a street near you.

All photos from the Goobingdetroit tumblr depict various areas and streets in Detroit, then and now...........

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