Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad"

The signs of that happening are too many and all around us.  

BTW, the "Redskins" trademark controversy, I am willing to bet,  is all to do with money and nothing else. The 1%  know exactly how to make more money by pretending to look after the interests of minorities and by pretending to act as a buffer zone between minorities and those that want to muddy their "good" name.  Some billionaires somewhere have decided to take away the trademark for whatever reason.  Maybe the billionaire owners of the Washington Redskins were sleeping with some of the wives or girlfriends of those miffed other billionaires and so revenge is in the air with the ready and willing help from bribed and corrupt government officials.

Cindy Boren at WashingtonPost:
Reaction to news that the Washington Redskins’ federal trademark registration has been canceled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office because it is “disparaging to Native Americans” raised a number of questions for the NFL team.

Naturally, the team can be expected to appeal the decision and that may be a lengthy process. As USA Today wrote last month, though, “If the team were applying for federal trademark protection for its “Redskins” name today, it would almost certainly be denied: At least 12 times since 1992 the USPTO has refused to register such marks on disparagement grounds, including seven applications from the Washington team (for terms such as “Redskins Fanatics” and “Redskins Rooters”) and one from NFL Properties (for “Boston Redskins”).”.................

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