Monday, June 16, 2014

News on Ukraine that the West's MSM won't provide

The Fifth Estate is the first to be silenced.  The rest is a piece of cake. 
If we didn't have access to the internet and hence to news outlets from Russia and Asian countries, we would not know anything of all that's going on over there.
Think about that for a moment folks, think about that.
Also, as nothing of what's going on is shown or told on the TV channels nor in the news print, try to figure out how many millions of people who get most of their news, if not all their news, from such media .... how they are kept in the dark.  
Is it any wonder that  most Westerners are dumb as sticks? - They know more about what's going on in Hollywood than what's going on that might change their lives forever. 
Also, now it is more than transparent that the United Nations (UN) is a lapdog of  the USA. Forget the MSM not reporting about the attack in Ukraine on the Russian embassy,  United Nations is silent on it too. 
Every country is mandated to protect each and every embassy or consulate functioning as part of a foreign country in the host country.  Failure to do so is a MAJOR FAILURE. You think Russia does not have hooligans like the kind seen at the maidan or in the past few hours at the Russian embassy?  How then was Russian security able to keep those type of creatures from attacking the US embassy in Moscow yesterday?  Russian "hooligans" had to be content putting up their "Obama as Hitler" posters on the building opposite the US Embassy.

From RT:
....A nurse died in the city of Slavyansk after a Ukrainian military shell hit a local hospital on Saturday. Meanwhile, a Ruptly journalist came under fire while visiting a shelled maternity hospital in the eastern Ukrainian city.
The Ukrainian army resumed the shelling of Slavyansk on Saturday afternoon, causing more damage to the city and igniting fires, the local administration told RIA Novosti. 
“In the afternoon the Ukrainian army shelled the center of Slavyansk, apparently trying to hit the self-defense forces. One of the shells hit the hospital. Two people were injured. One of them – a seriously injured nurse – passed away,” the source said. .......

From Rt
....Ukrainian FM chants 'Putin - f**ker'  at vandalized Russian embassy in Kiev
In an incident that may be a first in diplomatic history, Kiev’s top diplomat publicly ‘effed’ the head of another state. Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa chanted “Putin’s a f**ker” with a cheering crowd that earlier vandalized the Russian embassy.

Deshchitsa arrived at the scene of the heated protest - which involved overturning cars belonging to embassy staff, the desecration of a Russian flag and pelting the building with firecrackers and paint - in an apparent attempt to defuse the crowd.
He confronted some of the protesters - or rather sided with them. Footage of the encounter shows the minister saying he is all for the protest and its goals.
“I would stand up here with you can say, Russia, get out of Ukraine,” he said. “Putin’s a f**ker, right!”............

From VoiceOfRussia:
....The behavior exhibited    by Ukrainian acting interior minister Arsen Avakov in the rampage in front of the Russian Embassy in Kiev was an act of connivance with the actions of extremists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. "Instead of ordering the police, policemen, to stop the act of vandalism against our Embassy, the interior minister made a comment, which said that the [action] was certainly not good but the people were indignant," Lavrov told a press conference in Minsk.

"In my opinion, this is not an interior minister but a person conniving in riots and open demonstrations of extremism, moreover with Nazi symbols," the minister noted..........

From English RIA:
....Russian gas giant Gazprom was forced to implement a prepayment regime for gas deliveries because of Ukraine’s blackmailing during negotiations, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Monday.
“It needs to be said that thanks to the non-constructive position of the Ukrainian government, that today a prepayment regime was implemented. In reality, the Ukrainian party changes, and changed the object of our negotiations,” Miller said during a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev outside Moscow.
“The Ukrainian side took a position that one could call retaliatory blackmail, changing the understanding and object of the negotiations,” Miller said, stressing that it is Kiev’s persistent debt for the supplies of Russian gas that is at the core of the dispute, rather than the price.
Miller said that to date the debt amounts to $4.5 billion, with 11.5 billion cubic meters of gas in unpaid supplies.
The gas negotiations between Moscow and Kiev have largely been dominated by Ukraine trying to leverage on its disagreement with the price changes for the imported Russian gas, effective April 1, when Moscow cancelled two major discounts, raising the price to $485 per thousand cubic meters......

Below are links which are good sources to get the nitty-gritty of what is really going on with the powers-that-be sitting aloft on Mount Olympus.

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