Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"What can be done?" about the returning British jihadists, asks the MSM in the UK

You gotta marvel at these lame sods because of just how dumb and totally stupid they have become. For decades they did not "soil" their news outlets with impolitic views and stuck to the crime of political correctness and thus lulled the British public into the silence of  ignorance.  Now, all of a sudden when it's far too late to stop the coming caliphate, these sobs are jumping around like they have just been dropped on a bed of hot steaming coals.  Panic is in the air in the streets of the UK as well as in the House of Lords.  
Do you really and truly feel any sympathy for the Brits or are you just pretending to feel sorry for what they are gonna get pretty soon?  Moi, being a truth-teller, when the shit hits the fan in merry ole England, I am going to open one of the champagne bottles I keep for just such "I told you so" heartwarming occasions.

When I envision how the Brits will resist the jihadists,  the vid below comes to mind.  Look at the pansies run from the Muslim hordes.  

From TheDayUK:
...After young British men appear in a recruitment video for a militant jihadi group, security experts warn of serious danger on their return. Hundreds have already gone. What can be done?

Mr Muthana was proud of his two sons. Both were doing well at school. One had received four university offers to study medicine, while the other aspired to teach English. But then the brothers started listening to extremists, who convinced them to give up school and go to Syria to join the violent jihadist group, ISIS.

Mr Muthana is devastated. He recently saw his sons for the first time in months in an ISIS online recruitment video, where they brandished guns, and urged other young Brits to join the fight. Their father does not understand what happened. ‘They were brought up to love and respect my country Britain. Now I fear they may come back in coffins.’

The brothers are just two of around 500 British-born Muslims who have travelled to Iraq and Syria, drawn by the allure of excitement, adventure and comradeship. Some see leaving the comforts of home to join a life and death struggle as a way of finding meaning in their lives. ISIS boasts online that it has a vast array of weapons which are waiting for new fighters to ‘come and play with them’.

Concerning as this is, experts are most worried by what happens when these fighters return to the UK, bringing with them an extremist, anti-western ideology, coupled with training in guns and explosives. The former head of MI6 thinks 300 people may already be back. The cost of monitoring so many potential threats is enormous.

The Metropolitan Police’s assistant commissioner thinks that returning extremists will be a potential danger ‘for many, many years to come.’ David Cameron warns that ISIS is a threat to the UK which will become even more severe if it establishes a base in Iraq from which it can organise attacks.

There is no simple solution. Security services currently monitor extremist social media sites to watch out for potential recruits, but worry they cannot catch everyone. Former defence secretary Liam Fox says Britain’s best option would be to help those who can prevent ISIS from gaining a foothold in Iraq. Would this be wise?........

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