Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wanna have a good hearty laugh?

There's nothing more funny than reading the lies from the demonic nation of Saudi Arabia.  You know Saudi Arabia don't you?  Yeah, the country that is Israel's secret best friend. Yeah, the country that is USA's second best friend after Israel. Yeah, the country that's full of oil rich billionaires with whom Canada's politicians love to hobnob with at every opportunity.  That Saudi Arabia! 
People with even one last remaining active brain cell in their skull, knows that Saudi Arabia finances terrorism all over the world and are the #1 bribe givers to corrupt politicians in each and every country of the world.... and yet they deny funding and arming the terrorists in Iraq.

From Embassy of Saudi Arabia, London:
....The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   wishes to see the defeat and destruction of all Al-Qaeda networks and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS) operating in Iraq. Saudi Arabia does not provide either moral or financial support to ISIS or any terrorist networks. Any suggestion to the contrary, is a malicious falsehood.

Despite the false allegations of the Iraqi Ministerial Cabinet, whose exclusionary policies have fomented this current crisis, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the preservation of Iraq's sovereignty, its unity and territorial integrity. We wish to see the protection of all civilians and the alleviation of their current suffering. We oppose all foreign intervention and interference in the internal affairs of Iraq. Instead, we urge all the people of Iraq, whatever their religious denominations, to unite to overcome the current threats and challenges facing the country.

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