Monday, June 23, 2014

Israel releases yet another bestseller for dummies titled : "How to make enemies and label them anti-Semites"

Wonderbar! It is nice of Israel along with best friends Saudi Arabia and the USA to create all that turmoil in the Middle East and do her best to keep it going.  It is equally nice to see our politicians import thousands of the refugees from those countries due to the turmoil which has been created intentionally by the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their allies. 

It is the guilt that is making the USA, Canada, Australia and the EU accept refugees from the Muslim countries because they know they are responsible for the plight of these newly created homeless.  The least the Western countries can do is accept Muslims as well as Christians and other minorities from these lands. These poor souls were unfortunate enough to have been born in countries which are geo-politically poisonous to Israel and Saudi Arabia.  

Those encouraging Israel on this murderous and suicidal path will cry crocodile tears when Israel is invaded by jihadis while they staple shut their mouths from criticizing Israel for the well planned, created and progressing in full swing project, the project for stigmatizing individuals with the laughable label of "anti-Semite" for any and all criticism of that nation's policies. I really wonder how individuals who think they are upstanding and have tonnes of  integrity stop short at opening their eyes when it comes to Israel's disgusting policies of wallowing in bed with certain kind of jihadis while professing other kind of jihadis as coming after them.  I really wonder about that.  Aren't all jihadis, jihadis?

From CommonDreams blog:
....Israel launched multiple air strikes across Syria on Sunday in response to an attack on an Israeli defense contractor’s vehicle in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights on the Syria border.

In a statement released Monday, the Israeli military stated, "IDF targeted nine Syrian military positions, confirming direct hits."
This appears to be the biggest Israeli military onslaught within Syria since the Syrian conflict began over three years ago, according to media reports.

Sunday's attack on an Israeli vehicle occurred in the area of Tel Hazeka and left a teenager dead. "It was not immediately clear whether Syrian troops or one of the many rebel groups battling the government carried out Sunday's deadly attack in the Golan," the Guardian reports. Yet, Israeli officials said they held the Bashar al-Assad regime responsible.
It also was not immediately clear how many people died in Israel's multiple air strikes.......

From TalkingPointsMemo:
.....Israeli Troops Kill Mentally Handicapped Palestinian, 4 Total In Raids. Israeli troops shot dead a mentally ill Palestinian who approached them in a West Bank refugee camp Sunday, the army said, while another Palestinian was killed in clashes in the city of Ramallah.

Sunday's deaths brought to four the number of Palestinians killed since Israel launched its most extensive military operation in the West Bank in years after the abduction of three Israeli teens on June 12.

Israel has arrested more than 350 Palestinians, most affiliated with the Islamic militant Hamas, and raided some 1,600 locations. Israel has blamed the kidnappings on Hamas, which has praised the act, but not claimed responsibility.
The sweeps have led to growing confrontations after years of relative calm. Increasingly, Israeli troops entering towns and refugee camps are met by crowds of Palestinian stone-throwers.

Eleven human rights groups urged the Israeli military on Sunday to refrain from collective punishment of the Palestinian population. "Overall, the measures adopted and their extent do not seem to serve a military need that can justify the damage they have caused," they wrote.

There were also signs of growing Palestinian anger at Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who has defended his decision to continue security coordination with Israel, including in the search for the teens......

From AntiWar:
....  Israeli officials were quick to blame Syria’s military for an attack in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, when an attack on a car killed a 15-year-old Israeli. The Israeli Air Force is now launching multiple air strikes across Syria.

Israeli military officials insisted the Golan attack was an “intentional” attack, and that they believe Syria’s military fired an antitank missile at the teenager’s car for no apparent reason.

The region along the Israeli frontier is virtually constantly contested between Syria’s military and various rebel factions, many of whom have been receiving US antitank missiles recently in an attempt to turn the tide of the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

Israel’s air strikes don’t appear to be border-specific, but are hitting military targets across the region, including the nation’s military headquarters. Though the casualties are not yet clear, strikes that significantly degrade the Syrian military could inadvertently aid not only the US-backed rebels but also ISIS, the largest rebel faction, which has taken over much of the country’s east.......

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