Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here's a product which shows the efficiency of Immigration Depts of the West

A Muslim man savagely beats his wife and this is supposed to have happened in a store in the free and democratic land of the United States of America.  I often wonder how such couples can still continue as husband and wife ... what sort of tenderness can they bring to the sexual act after such displays of hatred? Mind you, it's not just the cavemen who behave in this fashion.  Many men outside the Muslim faith do the same kind of thing, but the difference is that the Muslim women accept it as part of their fucking culture while most other women won't tolerate such animals anywhere near them.

Many bloggers have reported on this incident but I couldn't find anything about the man being arrested for the assault. The abused wife will probably not file a complaint. But, why wasn't a complaint filed by the store owner or the person who recorded the incident?   This is a case of public disturbance and the man should be charged.

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