Saturday, June 28, 2014

So ... what's happening in the civil war in Ukraine ???

Lots of torn bodies which make for war porn for warmongers and for the viewing pleasure of the architects of wars. The ghouls who go about starting wars for oil and gas and geo-political borders are having a grand old time. It's like being on a permanent Viagra high for these monsters.
Sadly, Canada is also involved in this horrific mess because of the support our ex-superstar Stephen Harper and his gang gave/giving/will continue to give to the USA's regime changers and bringers of "democracy" ... their kind of democracy.

From LifeNews (Google translation below)
....According to LifeNews, the fighting in Ukraine a few shells, flew abroad, entered the territory of Russia. Ukrainian military munitions were once in two villages of the Rostov region.

According to preliminary data, one shell struck the gate of a private house in the street Gukovo Smirnov. Another projectile allegedly mortar exploded in the village Vasetskaya Krasnosulinsky district, leaving crater with a diameter of 40 to 30 centimeters.Shooting from Ukraine lasted from 8 to 10 am Moscow time - said a law enforcement source Rostov region. - Projectile supposedly mortar hit the territory of the farm Vaseckiy. He broke into pieces. Remained funnel depth of 20 centimeters, a diameter of 30 by 40 centimeters. On-site work task force. In fragments visually difficult to determine what was the ammo.

According to law enforcement, victims and victims among the civilian population is not. This is not the first case when the shells fall from the Ukraine to the Russian territory. June 6 in  the hostilities  in Donetsk People's Republic near the border crossing Marinovka  several shells flew over the border of Ukraine  and exploded in Russia....

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