Friday, June 20, 2014

Iraq news for part of June 19 and June 20

Some points from the long situation report.

From VineyardSaker blog;
....June 20th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo 19th June: Obama dithers and delays in his decision to bomb anti regime forces in Iraq. The BBCs John Simpson: “President Obama's statement wasn't the lifeline the Iraqi government hoped for. They wanted immediate airstrikes to stop ISIS in its tracks.” 
19th June: The Iraqi Army claims to have taken back full control of towns in the province of Diyala and claims to be gaining ground in the neighboring Salahuddin province. 
19th June: The UAE recalls its ambassador to Iraq citing marginalization of certain sections of society on sectarian lines. ...

.....19th June: Australia estimates that nearly 150 of its citizens are fighting on the side of Daash: .....

.....20th June: Baiji Refinery is currently in Government hands. The last assault by Daash was made late on Thursday. Militants are believed to be regrouping and are believed to still hold parts of the refinery complex. Militants were forced to retreat after meeting fierce resistance. ....

....20th June: Daash atrocities recorded by the UN for Wednesday: 
17 civilians working for the police forces in Mosul executed 
12 civilians working for the police forces in Mosul suburb executed 
4 women commit suicide after being raped and/or forcefully married by Daash ....

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