Thursday, June 19, 2014

More evidence that America, Canada, Australia and the EU have all become the modern day Babylon

Will Babylon's  fate be also the fate of these depraved countries?  The LGBTxyz agenda, the same sex marriages, adoption of innocent kids in same sex marriages where there are more chances of them being abused,  the pornographic images readily available everywhere, the pedophilia, the ads in the classifieds for sex partners, for threesomes, for bestiality, the enforced sex education in smacks of something surely disastrous coming our way.  Such depravity just cannot go on without cutting the moral fabric and whatever little sanity we have got left.  

From YahooNews:
....Five children under the age of 10 were rescued by police following a national child pornography investigation that targeted alleged sex offenders and resulted in hundreds of charges, the RCMP said Thursday.
Officers released the results of a four-month investigation into child exploitation that reached into every province, announcing in Halifax that more than 150 people have been arrested or are under investigation.

Sgt. Michael Petrilli said almost two million images and videos have been seized, with many involving infants and toddlers.

"I cannot stress enough what these images are and what they are not," he said at a new conference where he was flanked by about a dozen officers from 40 police agencies involved in the operation.
"These images are not simply children having a bubble bath. They are clearly children that are in a situation where they are being sexually assaulted."

Investigators said two of the children who have been rescued are from British Columbia, and the other three are from Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. They released few details about them, but said they all knew their alleged abusers and only some of them were involved in cases of alleged pornography production.
The 343 charges include sexual assault, luring, possession and distribution of child pornography, and voyeurism. Petrilli said 104 people have been charged, but more charges are pending.
It's possible the investigation could move beyond Canada if it's found the material was sourced from or shared by people in other countries through Interpol or other police agencies.
"I would be shocked if there are not some international investigations stemming from arrests here in Canada," said Sgt. Darren Parisien, an RCMP member from Saskatoon who worked on the investigation..........

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