Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wanna see the hell that has been unleashed on Christians in Iraq after the destructions of Christians in Syria by the USA and her allies?

Christians who are in bed with Obama and his gang and their allies in the Middle East should shake themselves awake and smell the coffee.  Know your enemies before it's too late.... unless you are perfectly fine and dandy seeing Christians killed and persecuted and don't give a damn about the Christian exodus from Muslim lands. 

Richard Spencer writing at TelegraphUK:
...Captain Firaz Jacob knows he may well be mounting a last stand at the frontiers of the Christian settlement of Bartella on the outskirts of Mosul.
Less than a mile down the road are the jihadists of Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and the portly, middle-aged Mr Jacob is aware that his home-grown militia are outnumbered.
“I stand here waiting for my destiny,” he said, as he stood this week by the last check-point on the road to Mosul and the black flags waiting in the desert.
Speaking of why he and his men were refusing to give up and go, Capt Jacob said was determined to resist the jihadists and their allies, who last week over-ran most of the rest of northern Iraq.
“We will stay here despite everything,” he announced. “All these armed groups we have seen, but nevertheless we will remain. We love our Christian way of life, we love our churches and we love our community.”
Between the Sunni and Shia Arabs of Iraq lie a patchwork quilt of other ethnic groups and faiths, many of whom have been reconsidering their future in the most obvious possible way since the allied invasion a decade ago unleashed the sectarian militias and their death squads.
Anywhere between half and three quarters of Iraq’s Christians - Chaldean Catholics, Syriac Orthodox, and the rest - have left the country and the Middle East to start new lives abroad since 2003.
The town of Bartella, ten miles from Mosul, is largely Assyrian Orthodox, and its 16,000 citizens currently face a very vivid incarnation of an ever-present threat. They have been car-bombed at least twice in recent years, but this time their presumed adversaries have an army.
In Biblical times, the Assyrians were the imperial rulers of Ninevah, in which province Mosul still sits today.........

Philip Jenkins writing at Aleteia:
....The Fall of Mosul.  
For anyone who cares about Christian history, it’s like the end of the world.  On June 10, the city of Mosul fell to the forces of ISIS, the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams. Politically, this is a catastrophe for American hopes of preserving the settlement they had uneasily imposed on the region, while a humanitarian catastrophe looms. Particularly hard hit are the region’s Christians, who have no wish to live under jihadi rule. A heartbreaking story in the The Telegraph recently headlined “Iraq's beleaguered Christians make final stand on the Mosul frontline.”...............

From YahooNews:
...Abu Ramzi, one of Mosul's Christians   who did not flee the city, said militants destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of a church......

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