Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Something hitting the fan in Poland

The hole America and her allies in the EU and her best friends Canada and the UK ... the hole they have dug in Ukraine is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.  What's about to happen in Poland might be linked to what has happened in the Ukraine.
Who knew Poland's politicians are as corrupt  as are  their counterparts in Ukraine, both old and new.  These guys put the crooks in the  third world countries to utter shame.

You might think I am a total nut for connecting this to Ukraine..... but I go with my instincts and they tell me it is. 

Rick Lyman writing at NYTimes:
.....Mysterious tapes of high-level officials discussing what seem to be unsavory deals, recorded in the back room of a restaurant popular with the political elite, are threatening the careers of some of Poland’s most prominent leaders and perhaps even the survival of the current government.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Monday afternoon described the electronic eavesdropping, which occurred over many months and may have involved several locations, as “an attempt at a coup d’├ętat, bringing down the Polish government by illegal means,” and called it well organized and unprecedented in Poland’s post-Communist history.

Although Mr. Tusk and other officials in the governing party criticized some of the behavior and language contained on the tapes, they focused the bulk of their wrath Monday on the eavesdropping itself.

Transcripts of several recordings, which were made at a restaurant favored by those eager to meet out of the public eye, were published over the weekend by Wprost, a weekly Warsaw newspaper. The paper said it did not know who had made the recordings and did not describe how it had obtained them.
“The goal of this well-organized crime was not the public good, but eavesdropping on politicians of the ruling party,” Mr. Tusk said.

In the most potentially incendiary of the recordings, made last July, Marek Belka, chief of the central bank, chats with Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, the interior minister, about steps the bank might take in an emergency to prop up the national economy, something the minister remarks might be needed to help the governing party win re-election in 2015.

Mr. Belka is heard saying that the bank might intervene, but asked that the finance minister at the time, Jacek Rostowski, be replaced by a more apolitical figure. Mr. Rostowski was in fact replaced last fall by a bank economist with no previous political experience.

Under Polish law, the central bank is to remain independent of politics.

“We are facing extraordinary and outrageous events,” said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the chief opposition party, Law and Justice. “The only proper reaction should be the dismissal of the government.”

If Mr. Tusk does not step down, Mr. Kaczynski said, he will call for a no-confidence vote in Parliament..............

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