Friday, June 20, 2014

Canadian parents of Joshua Boyle and American parents of Caitlan Coleman must be so proud ....

of their handiwork in bringing up these dumb twosome.  The two idiots have now put their child, born in captivity, in danger too.  The chutzpah of the two sets of parents requesting the governments of both countries to help their two idiots, whom they didn't bring up the right way, otherwise they wouldn't be in the situation they are in today, is something to wonder about.  Why can't they raise funds from like-minded idiots like their two darling idiots (plenty of such found everywhere) and send mercenaries to rescue the family instead of gouging on taxpayers, and probably putting Canadian and American government rescuers, sent in to find these degenerates, in extreme danger?  

BTW, this is the same nutcase who was Zainab Khadr's fourth or fifth husband.  I would really like to see what she looks like under that black blanket that attracts so many loons. 

Full story and more pics at link below vid.

From GlobalNews:
....Joshua Boyle and his American wife    Caitlan Coleman were captured in Afghanistan in 2012. Their families have come forward with a video of the couple, which they received last year, in hopes of getting help to set them free. Vassy Kapelos reports................

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  1. Mannnn Josh pork's Zainab , there's got to be a CBC hagiography to celebrate that strength of diversity .... ewwwwwww.
    Josh's wife #2 and their born in a manger baby would be such a tear jerker, so inspirational !


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