Thursday, June 19, 2014

Continuing "situation report" on Iraq

A few salient points from report II  for June 18-19

from VineyardSaker blog:
....June 19th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo  
18th June: A tweet purported to belong to Saudi National Abdullah Al Turki:
Getting rid of Kafir Shia in Syria and Iraq is more important than getting rid of Zionist
We will dig up the grave of Ali ibn Abi Talib inshallah and bring out the Mahdi from the underground and kill him. This is not a threat but a uprise. 
It's a wish to dig up the grave of Zainab too
(Not sure if this is genuine or propaganda)
18th June: The United States Air Force is formally asked by the Iraqi government to bomb Daash targets and prevent the advance of militants. Any such request would have, at the least, involved the Iranian commander of the Qods force............

...........19th June: According to Qassim Atta the Iraq Army is making preparations to retake Mossul....

.......19th June: Petro China is now evacuating a limited number of staff from Iraq. It has renewed its offer to assist the government in Baghdad but not specified if military assistance would be forth coming. China is the largest investor in Iraq's oil sector and also the largest customer of Iraq's oil. This could explain why Iraq is now facing this crisis. 
19th June: The elders of Kirkuk City and the tribal elders of nearby Bashir have entered negotiations to return the bodies of civilians killed by Daash. Most victims are women and children. .........

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