Thursday, June 19, 2014

Iraq news for June 17 and 18

The link below is a very good source to get info on Ukraine and Iraq conflicts that you won't get anywhere else and information that our usual MSM won't ever have the guts to tell you.  If you like being brainwashed by the MSM, continue in your merry ways.  If you really want to know the truth, look anywhere but at the MSM..

From VineyardSaker blog:
June 18th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo .....Daash is establishing control and earning revenue through oil. This oil and Kurdish oil is flowing through Turkey. The militants are attacking through Turkey; the injured are leaving through Turkey. Turkey is playing both sides. Turkey, unlike Saudi Arabia, is in it for the money. Turkey is the new Pakistan of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Whoring itself unscrupulously. Turkey should look at Pakistan now and shudder. For once the militants loose, and they will lose, they will turn in frustration on their masters. Blowback/karma is a bitch. 

17th June: The US embassy has been supplemented with 275 marines. An additional force is being kept in reserve with Osprey V-22 aircraft on stand by.
17th June: Lakhtar Brahimi has very politely called Tony Blair a spent force. One that nobody is interested to listen to anymore.
17th June: America confirms that discussions were held with Iran regarding Iraq on the sidelines of the Vienna summit. Iran at first denies any talks concerning Iraq. They are then confirmed by Iran's foreign minister Javed Zarif.
17th June: Six terrorist bombings in Baghdad have left 17 dead and 34 injured.
17th June: Police personnel have discovered the bodies of 18 men in the west of Samarra. They were members of the security forces and were shot through the head and chest.
17th: Maliki sacks four senior military commanders. He recommends the court martial of one of the four..............

...........18th June: Rouhani says that Iran will do whatever it takes to protect Shia shrines in Iraq.
18th June: Nasrallah speech made on Tuesday the 17th of June: "We are ready to sacrifice martyrs in Iraq five times more than what we sacrificed in Syria, in order to protect shrines, because they are much more important than [the holy sites in Syria],”
18th June: The Shia militias are holding back the rebels in Baqouba.
18th June: Baiji refinery is now mostly in rebel hands.................

........18th June: Al Manar is reporting the deaths of 21 Daash militants by the army in Anbar.
18th June: al Manar is also reporting the deaths of 19 Daash militants in Edhaym. And government gains in Bala, Dhuluiya and Ishaqi.
18th June: Atta's press conference, points put forward:
Rumours of the fall of the Iraqi government, pro Daash tweet, are untrue
The government is not running out of food; the BBC was reporting yesterday of food shortages and hoarding
Confirms that Attack on Baiji refinery was repulsed and resulted in 40 terrorists being killed
Most of Tal Afar in government hands
Twenty terrorist killed in Tikrit and vehicles destroyed
Twenty one terrorist killed in Anbar province
Fifteen terrorist killed in Baqouba............

.........18th June: the telegraph reports that Major General Mohammed Koraishi, allegedly captured and to be executed by Daash, is alive and well and is leading the assault against the militants in Tal Afar.
18th June: Rouhani's advisor has stated that Iran would be willing to work with America once the nuclear talks are successful

There is a touchy subject that I would like to mention. This is because everywhere I read in the western press it's always referred to as sectarian violence and sectarian killings. I would request readers to always read the detail in every report and not the headlines; the devil is in the detail. 
Nine times out of ten in Iraq it's the Sunni takfiris that are targeting Shias. Their modus operandi is suicide bombings, market bombings, mosque and shrine bombings, hospital bombings and targeted killings; mostly it is indiscriminate terror. This is true from Beirut to Karachi and in the case of other communities being targeted, all the way till Bali. .......

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