Monday, June 9, 2014

Russia would react as NATO build up at borders mean a "demonstration of hostile intentions" says Minister

I have this strong feeling that Obama and his gang members are working as planned to destroy America. Patriots would never take on the kind of actions they have taken in the last  year or so and neither would they ever contemplate putting the lives of their own citizens nor the economy of their country in such deep peril. These people are enemies of the USA ... any which way you look at them. 

The saddest thing of all is that Obama and gang has managed to hypnotize the leaders of the Anglo world to go along with their plan.  Obama and his innermost circle would know exactly what they are doing,  most others around him might be under the mistaken belief that whatever is happening or about to happen is for the spread of democracy and for the good of mankind. 

Yes, Obama is keeping his word. He is fundamentally changing the USA ....  into one big Detroit.

From Reuters:
.... Russia would react to NATO build-up near borders: minister.  Russia would consider any further expansion of NATO forces near its borders a "demonstration of hostile intentions" and would take political and military measures to ensure its own security, a senior diplomat was quoted on Monday as saying.

The comments come amid a deep crisis between Russia and the West over Ukraine and days after U.S. President Barack Obama offered increased military support for eastern European NATO members to ease their concerns over Moscow.

"We cannot see such a build-up of the alliance's military power near the border with Russia as anything else but a demonstration of hostile intentions," Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov told Interfax in an interview.........

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