Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Open letter from a Russian woman to UN's Ban Ki-Moon

Bank Ki-Moon is in Obama's back pocket.  The entire UN is the USA's lapdog.  Dear Lisa Karpova, you can write and write and scream at the moon (pun intended) but your cries will fall on deaf ears.  Evil is afoot and is running amok disguised as an angel.

Lisa Karpova writing at Pravda:
....An Open Letter   to Ban Ki-Moon and the UN.....

....Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, are you supposed to be the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization? Are you not supposed to promote peace and international law in the international community? Yes, or no?

If no, then fine. Let us admit once and for all that the United Nations only does well with a small number of humanitarian efforts, helping refugees, distributing food, upholding gender equality, defending women's rights, the rights of the LGBT community and so on and so forth...

If a nation is one of the Big Three (USA, UK or France) basically they can do whatever they like, correct? Because, for instance, when Russia and the PR China ask these three for details on their actions (as was the case with Libya) they promise to give them later and then are not forthcoming despite what was said before the vote.

So Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, suppose we dissolve the UN as it exists today and admit it is an egregious failure at upholding what it purports to uphold? As for making and keeping the law, let us either admit that international law does not exist, once and for all, or else set up another organization with the competence to practice what it preaches, instead of double standards and two sets of weights and measures.

.Some humans are deemed worthy by the Big Three and others are worth nothing, quite in lockstep with Nazi and fascist ideology.

If there is to be inaction when crimes against humanity are approved of by the Big Three, then the UN should be immediately dissolved as a totally useless organization that only panders to the will of western nations, specifically the "exceptional/indispensable" Americans.

Why does the United Nations ignore the war crimes being committed by the Kiev junta against the civilian population there?..........

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